Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Malam Amal Anggun 2

Me and my wife are so Happy when my mum told us that she got 2 ticket dinner for Malam Amal Anggun 2 Warisan Nusantara at 29 March 2009 At one Borneo Ballroom.
Well, what so good about that !!? Hmmmm. Firstly, RM5000 per person Table.. wow ! Hmmm... well known Artist from sabah Azharina Azhar ....Diva from Indonesia Kris Dayanti huhuhu...If that's not enuf, A Batik fashion show From 4 country Malaysia,Philippines,Brunei and Indonesia...Pheeew !

Music Video

Langkah Syabas Beach Resort is just a few kilometer from the City Kota kinabalu. If you are looking for some great time with Family or love one during weekend You will find it is worth staying.
This movie is a bit wobbly,i need a steadicam to make it more stable. Hope u enjoy it....

*Tips on how to view smooth streaming video without buffer*

If u have a slow Internet connection and want to enjoy viewing without that annoying Buffer,
Do this : Click the play button and wait for the movie to play in just a few second and hit the pause button,wait until you see the grey or red or white indicator reach the finish line then u r free from buffer.

Langkah Syabas Trip from willy johnny on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

Would you turn all your light Off for an hour so that our World can have what we call The Day Off from heat or pollution. Well, not everybody like living in the dark accept of course it is bed time. But me and family switch it off until morning.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Langkah Syabas Beach Resort

Pheeeew !! Bringing Kids and family to holiday trip is one tough thing to do. First of all parking is consider an important thing to think of. Bringing a lot, yes a lot stuff is kinda pain in the neck when your room is way to far from parking lot. worrying about your car safety is one thing to think of too. I was lucky tho, when we arrived one of the Resort customer is leaving, my car park exactly infront of the Resort Front desk Office. Seeing sand sea and swimming pool really make you feel aaaahhh some quality time to spent. Oh noooo !!! you not going to have that when kids is busying "dad !!! i want that !" "daaad i want to go there" Daddyyyy !! i want to play sand now !!!! wuaaargghh!!! isk isk i want to play noooow !!! Daddyyy !!!! He's pushing me...!!! daaaaaaad !! i want that ,i saw it first !!!!! wuaaarghhh !!! "NO its mine i saw it first !!! wuaaaarghhhh..... I hope you all get the meaning of that...for sure you'll have to get married and hv a few kids to be in my situation. GrrrrrrgHHH !!! But hey ! we are once like them too,or even more demanding hahaha,just kidding. But the most important thing is spending Quality Time with our Family and Kids.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

At Last !

First of all, i would like to thank to this site for giving such a simple way on how to create a Blog and of cause it's FREE......

Pheeww !!! Putting a words here that most people will see is like throwing your self in front of million audiences. It's not just letting them know what you like or love to do,but people will read,talked,chat,comment and tell others that such a person as your self existed.